It’s true – people are buying homes for their dogs! They want a yard for their dog to run free and a place that is their own so they can actually have a dog! However, when it comes to selling, there’s a fine line between being “pet friendly” and saying “PETS LIVE HERE!!!” Here are a few rules of thumb to follow to make sure buyers are interested and not turned off!⠀

Make sure to point out features that would appeal to someone who has or wants a dog! That could be highlighting the space in your backyard, the fact that it’s fenced in, the lake down the street or the nearby walking trail!⠀

When an agent takes interior pictures make sure that your pets toys, food dishes, bed, etc are not int eh picture.  You don’t want potential buys to exclude your home because they see the signs of a pet in the pictures.

Take your pets with you. Buyers may be interested in a space that fits their dog but they don’t necessarily want to see evidence of pets currently living in your home.  It can be very stressful for buyers when they are trying to view a home and a dog is barking the entire time.  

DEEP CLEAN! Before putting your house on the market, do a deep clean and remove any pet smells, dog hair that’s on the couch, litter boxes that need cleaning, etc. I can’t tell you how many times clients lost interest in a home due to pet odor.  I also recommend removing their bowls and toys when you leave for a showing. Have a designated basket to throw things into that you can quickly grab as you walk out the door.⠀

Stay on top of cleaning while your house is on the market. Vacuum and mop the floors before showings, clean up the backyard right away when letting pets outside and clean litter boxes DAILY!⠀

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